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We are in Lesotho and here

SmartLoti (pty) Ltd is privately owned special purpose consulting entity (SPE). Our traditional business model is to combine efforts of dynamic professionals and dedicated support stuff.

We commission and collaborate with local and international expertise to deliver services and technological solutions of excellent standard. We are specialised dealer in office equipment and other office consumables. We develop Software and custom made systems for clients locally and internationally.

We are specialized in delivering smart technological solutions that enables customer to not only be relevant and competitive but also enable them to maximize Return of Investment (ROI) by cutting cost and lower business risks associated with services delivery and support.

We play a major role in system integration providing its valued customers in some vertical markets with high quality solutions in a broad spectrum of transportation, financial institutions, education and government sectors through unity and competence of our team.

We are quality Control Specialists

Our Vision

Even though our methods are complex, our goal is simple: we want to help you to do what you do best. We deliver the best possible customer service, excellent quality and the most advanced products.

Our Mission

To provide quality professional Information Technology and Smart Business Process Solutions that add value to our clients' business. We will deliver these services through highly committed and motivated teams using innovative thinking and best practices!

Why choose SmartLoti?

Why would you not? We are small enough to address your needs quickly, and we are connected very well that we are able to dazel you.